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Bringing in the Green

Bringing in the Green


We are on day 4 of our family's two week self-quarantine.  Today is the first day we have had sunshine during our hibernation and it makes such a difference in the mood!  With all the rain we've had, the grass is turning a lush green color and little green buds on our patio tree are pushing out in search of warmth and sunshine.  Green is such a hopeful color and symbolizes growth, harmony, and freshness.  It is also said that green has emotional ties to a general feeling of safety.  Maybe that is why seeing the fresh green outside is so comforting and why I want to bring that gorgeous color indoors!

Because I am confined to my house at the moment, I have had time to contemplate and act upon doing a little rearranging in our family room.  We have had the basic arrangement for about 8 years, but the sitting area in question is very small and somewhat limited due to the placement of the television.  Sound familiar?

We decided to flip the arrangement of the couch and chairs with the blessing of my husband who is trying to be a good sport.  (You know how most men are about their special game watching chairs!) We were able to actually try our new arrangement out last night for some movie watching,  and I think it's going to work!  It's a bit odd, as you will see in the pictures, because putting the sofa in front of the window is very uncentered, but I think I've found a way around that.  By off-setting the odd spacing with a tabletop arrangement on a very skinny sofa table behind the couch, I have been able to redirect the focal attention to where I want it and away from the problem of looking unbalanced!



I added a beautiful green vinyl rug (with 4 dogs in the house, a vinyl rug is such a blessing and is my only option) in a very traditional pattern to anchor the arrangement. Bringing up some of my spring and summer pillows completed the vignette and tied everything together.



Green is also the perfect foil to another one of my favorite hopeful colors, yellow.  I am so in love with the yellow patterned pillows on the sofa!  My daughter spied the fabric as a remnant at a Goodwill store in Phoenix, Arizona last March.  It was love at first sight! (She knows me well) I brought our treasured score back, and had a friend make pillows with it using a remnant of another one of my favorite patterns, black & white check, as a flange border.  They are perfect and make me feel happy every time I see them!



I can't wait until it's warm enough to be able to open the doors and listen to the birds sing.  Today, we are one step closer to spring, one step closer to the end of a quarantine period, and one step closer to researchers finding an immunization to end the nasty plague that is wreaking havoc upon our local, national, and medical community. 

We are also one step closer to our families and to the rest of our community as we pull together.
Step. By. Step.


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Jodi Kelly - 08 Apr 2020 @ 05:08
Beautiful, love it!
Jill Bednar - 28 Mar 2020 @ 08:44
Thank you Tammy! Hope you guys are safe and staying well!
Jill Bednar - 28 Mar 2020 @ 08:43
Thanks, Charlotte! I just made a post talking about that very piece! Hope you enjoy!
Jill Bednar - 28 Mar 2020 @ 08:41
Thanks, Deb! Hope you are taking care of yourself as well! Happy Painting!
Deborah Laflamme - 27 Mar 2020 @ 08:02
Gorgeous, so you! Absolutely love it, you are making me want to flip a couple of my rooms. Be well friend.
Jill Bednar - 24 Mar 2020 @ 05:55
Thanks, Miranda! I love black and green together too! Really, I think green goes well with just about anything! Have you made any more progress with your Mantle? It is such a pretty piece! Hope Brock and Remy are doing well - working from home is a blessing and a challenge for you, I'm sure! <3
Jill Bednar - 24 Mar 2020 @ 05:52
Thanks, Cyndi! Me Toooo! Can't wait to have a moscow mule on your porch - lol - or mine, for that matter. Stay safe and tell Teddy i said hi! :)
Jill Bednar - 24 Mar 2020 @ 05:49
Thanks Bill! I'm getting the place all spiffed up for your visit this summer! As you know, the biggest challenge for me will be keeping Wally off of the couch and from knocking everything over! Stay safe and send me some pics of your fur babies!
Jill Bednar - 24 Mar 2020 @ 05:47
Hi Rhonda! Are you already all moved in? I remember you telling me about your new place! I would love to see pics and talk to you about that space behind your piano! Thanks for your comment!
Jill Bednar - 24 Mar 2020 @ 05:45
Awww! Thanks Jen! It's a work in progress - no big changes, just little ones, but those can make a big difference! Stay safe and give Paul & Ava a hug for me!
Jill Bednar - 24 Mar 2020 @ 05:42
Thanks so much Tammy! Hope you and your family are doing well too. Take care of yourself and your precious Mama. (Can't wait for summertime and for this to be over with - and to get back to the shop - and to get work with Miss Brooke again!)
Jill Bednar - 24 Mar 2020 @ 05:40
Thanks so much Charlotte! It is one of my favorites and will probably be the topic of a blog someday! Can't wait to see your next finished quilting project - I just love all the colors you use! Thanks for your comment!
Charlotte Gurwel - 24 Mar 2020 @ 03:31
Love the painted piece below your tv!!!
Tammy Wyble - 22 Mar 2020 @ 11:52
What a beautiful home! Well wishes to you and your family, Jill.
Jennifer - 22 Mar 2020 @ 10:37
I think it looks great! The house has just continued to evolve with all your talent.
Beautiful Jill! ❤️
Rhonda Johnson - 22 Mar 2020 @ 10:27
Looks good Jill! We just moved into a new home and I'm wanting to pick your brain on an area behind my piano. Right now it's just white wall with a picture but I'm wanting to dress it up.
Bill - 22 Mar 2020 @ 09:44
Love it Jill! It looks fantastic
Cyndi - 22 Mar 2020 @ 09:14
Gorgeous! And inspirational. Already anxious t get together when this is behind us.
Miranda - 22 Mar 2020 @ 08:44
Beautiful! I love the black and white with green.

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