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Open Shelving:  A Beautiful and Practical Storage Solution

Open Shelving: A Beautiful and Practical Storage Solution

Eleven years ago we purchased our home and embarked on the journey of an extensive kitchen remodel. Our first big challenge was removing an undesired load-bearing vertical beam in the middle of our kitchen. The removal then required us to install a horizontal beam at ceiling height. To complicate things, the placement of the horizontal beam restricted us from putting in upper cabinets next to the sink.

To paraphrase JRR Tolkien, we’ve longed believed that obstacles are the portals of creativity. And voila, open shelving was the creative resolution to this predicament.

At the time, home décor stores weren’t selling brackets and shelving options in every style and finish. Fortunately, I sourced the best brackets I could find from a high-end store, flipped them upside down, and after design meetings with our cabinet maker, we came up with a solution - both beautiful and practical!

black open shelves with glassware in Jill Bednar's kitchen

Since then, we’ve used our open shelving to store our glassware, which looks lovely and functions perfectly for our lifestyle. Grabbing a glass from a shelf is much faster than searching through a cabinet, and the chore I most dislike - emptying the dishwasher - is so much easier!

Of course, there are both pros and cons to removing cabinets and replacing them with open shelving.

On the plus side, they add storage, are easier to access than cabinets, and are a natural display your favorite glassware, serve ware, or china. They are a fun way to add form and function to the walls of bathrooms, dining rooms, or living rooms. 

On the con side (unless you’re a Virgo), open shelves require you to stay more organized since your everyday objects are always visible.

As open shelving has become more popular, there are many choices in styles and finishes as well as a wide range of price options. Not just for the kitchen, open shelves are a clever way to add form and function to bathrooms, dining rooms, or living rooms!

This year at market, I was excited to order affordable brackets similar to the ones I used for my home at nearly a third of the price. If you are open to open shelving yourself, come by and see us to discover a new world of shelving!


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