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June, Ode to Henry Transfer

Decor Transfer Set - pad of four 12"x16" sheets
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This high-quality rub-on transfer comes on a non-stick carrier sheet in a 12-inch x 16-inch pad. With four sheets, the edges of each image are made to fit together seamlessly like puzzle pieces. It can be used on a single furniture makeover. Or sprinkle it across several DIY decor projects to create a cohesive interior design aesthetic. The pad format makes it easy and efficient to store transfer pieces on their non-stick backings.

The IOD June Transfer is an ode to the work of renowned British engraver Henry Fletcher. It evokes a feeling of motion and vitality with its fountain-style arrangement of florals. The variety of the blossoms are all cataloged in handwritten script at the bottom. This furniture transfer perfectly balances being visually interesting without being too busy.